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1904 Bride 22″ SOLD

Description: 1904 Bride Re-Paint 22″      SOLD

  • Blue Soft Glass Eyes
  • Auburn upswept Synthetic Mohair Wig
  • 1904 Edwardian style
  • Silk satin Fabric (lined skirt and bodice)
  • Flounced trained skirt with antique laces
  • Antique Lace trims
  • Hand beading
  • Silk Ribbon Trim
  • lace pantaloons and petticoat
  • White boots and stockings
  • Ribbon flowers headdress, antique veil


Description: 1904 Bride Re-Paint 22″      SOLD

An OOAK or one-of-a-kind is a doll that has been created by me from a commercially purchased doll. The factory paint is removed, as are any plastic inset eyes and/or hair. The blank doll is used as a canvas to create a unique character, or era. Soft glass silicone eyes are inserted for realism, and all dolls have applied upper lashes , realistic high quality wigs. Clothing patterns and costumes are custom designed and sewn by me using high quality fabrics, trims, and laces. Each doll is an individual work of art.



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