Sophia 20″ Original Porcelain


  • This is my original sculpt representing a toddler. She was limited to 3 dolls plus these 2 Artist Proofs.
  • My original mold has since been destroyed, so no others can be made.
  • OOAK concept (Unique outfits for each doll). My signature is inscribed in the porcelain at the back of the head.
  • Porcelain moveable head, chest plate, lower arms & legs.
  • The cloth body/upper arms etc are wired cloth for poseability.
  • She has a dark brown human hair wig, green soft glass eyes, and upper applied eyelashes.
  • She was originally poured in white porcelain, then given the skin colour wash for firing to a realistic shade.
  • Lace trimmed pantaloons, hose, and white English lace edged petticoat slip.
  • Multi flowered and pink cotton dress, with 3/4 sleeves.
  • Pink yolk has a Venise applique with ribbon flowers.
  • Matching pink cotton hat with trims.
  • Hand knit pink wool cardigan.
  • Pink lace up shoes.
  • She carries her own porcelain doll in a pink outfit.

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Original porcelain creations: These dolls are my original sculpts, completed after several firings and painting. They have porcelain head/chest plate, lower arms and half legs, with a wired cloth body for pose ability. Each design utilizes top of the line fabrics/ laces and accessories. These dolls came in very low editions, with the costuming a one-of-a-kind concept.


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